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Software - Simphony

Oracle MICROS Simphony

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Oracle Hospitality Simphony is the premiere cloud and mobile hospitality management platform, providing enterprise point-of-sale (POS) and back-office functionality to support a wide range of food and beverage operations.

Whether it’s reducing costs, increasing revenue, improving performance and the overall customer experience, or creating a plan for growth, Oracle MICROS Simphony gives you the controls and insights you need to be successful.


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POS SOFTWARE THAT WORKS HOW YOU WORK Your restaurant team needs to focus on running your business, not IT. That’s why we’ve built our solution to complement how your teams work, making our technology a natural part of their day-to-day, whether they are taking orders or preparing them. Behind that easy-to-use interface is a powerful and industry-tested software solution that takes every touchpoint and turns it into practical insight on key business analytics to help you achieve your business goals.

Beyond Point of Sale

  • Deliver guest-centric marketing and content using built-in, mobile POS solutions
  • Speed deployment and save on maintenance with cloud technology
  • Manage multiple operation styles within one enterprise
  • Leverage a comprehensive suite of tools for identifying theft and loss prevention, loyalty and gift card, labor, inventory, and table reservations
  • Connect to mobile payment, online and mobile ordering, digital menu boards, and more
Mobile POS for Hospitality

Mobile technology opens a world of opportunities. From guest-facing solutions that allow consumer ordering and payment to staff-facing tablets running applications that support personalized guest engagement, mobile solutions are transforming the way you do business. Oracle Hospitality Simphony allows you to take advantage of these opportunities and enables you to lead with future innovations.

Empowering Guest and Service Team Experiences

Oracle Hospitality Simphony and Oracle MICROS Tablet E-Series work together with superior flexibility and eliminate the need to choose between traditional workstations and mobile.

Tablets empower service staff to conduct every action without having to change devices. This convertible solution can be used as a cashier station and can transition to line busting and table side ordering with payment for optimal efficiency.

Replace traditional login screens with engaging content, such as daily specials, images, social media, and weather.

Provide managers with access to meaningful data and live video surveillance, enabling them to streamline frequent operational tasks and spend more time with guests and out of the office.

Simphony for All Styles of Operation
  • Adapts to all types of restaurant operations: table service, quick service, bars, and coffee shops
  • Used by industry and travel operations worldwide: corporate cafeterias and canteens, airports, universities, and train stations
  • Integrates to support food and beverage operations within hotels, resorts and cruise ships
  • Ideal for multiple operations within stadiums, arenas, casinos, and theme parks
A Comprehensive Management Platform
  • Gift and loyalty: Create targeted loyalty programs to engage guests and manage gift cards efficiently
  • Inventory management: Minimize costs by improving visibility of your stock and reducing theft and waste
  • Loss prevention: Protect your business by identifying and reducing employee theft and finding new training opportunities
  • Labor management: Improve staff efficiency through forecasted staffing requirements, mobile employee self-service, and real-time notifications

Integrated POS for Hotels

Oracle Hospitality Simphony is the ideal POS solution for hotels seeking to maximize food and beverage revenues and efficiency. Simphony interacts seamlessly with Oracle Hospitality OPERA Property Management to provides a complete hotel technology solution.


Oracle MICROS Simphony is a proven solution for a wide range of food and beverage and retail operations, including table service and quick service restaurants, coffee shops, hotels, casinos, travel hubs, theme parks, and select retail outlets. We can scale from thousands of POS terminals across a large enterprise all the way to operations with a single location.


If you are investing in technology to help better run your restaurant, you are not just thinking about the business you are today, but the business you want to be tomorrow. We have solutions to meet your needs wherever you are in your journey, and our future-proof offerings are built to grow with you, providing the features, functionality and professional services you need - when, how, and where you need them.


Flexibility and Consistent Customer Experience in the Cloud

Operating in the cloud gives your business the flexibility to easily and quickly light up technology at new locations and deliver a consistent customer experience across each restaurant without costly infrastructure and IT investments. With the cloud-based Oracle MICROS Simphony, you don’t need servers in each location to host your POS solution, which cuts down on onsite technology, software maintenance, and technical support. Additionally, the cloud offers food and beverage operators increased speed and agility, reducing time to market for new menu items, promotions, and innovations in payment and service.

One Restaurant Experience Regardless of Location

Operators gain a centralized solution that makes the management of processes and operations across locations simple, agile, and better controlled. Every POS terminal within your business can be updated from a central location—giving you complete control over menus, pricing, and promotions. This connectivity enables a consistent guest and brand experience, while removing your dependency on a property expert at every location.

Mobile and Modern Elevates Guest Engagement

Technology forms the basis of the world we live in today, and in many ways, has changed how restaurants interact with guests and how guests interact with restaurants. Our mobile solution responds to how your customers want to do business today and gives them the freedom of self-ordering and mobile payment methods that increase customer engagement. Our modern interface also creates engaging content, such as daily specials and pictures of signature dishes as well as social media and weather updates.

More Informed Decisions with Real-Time Data

The more information you have on your restaurant operations, the better service you can provide. Oracle MICROS Simphony gives you the ability to organize and consolidate business-critical data into easy-to-view reports and dashboards. The reporting and analytics module gives you access to real-time performance data from across your entire enterprise, helping you to make informed business decisions that can drive your growth.

Accurate Forecasting for Increased Control

Forecasting allows you to track sales and other performance metrics against your expected results, so you can clearly and quickly see if adjustments need to be made. Oracle MICROS Simphony keeps track of your inventory as it is ordered and used, informing staff when a restock needs organizing, or when a menu item is unavailable. This real-time insight allows a restaurant owner to ensure that they have the right ingredients in stock to deliver the meals their customers expect. In the event a menu item sells out, you can avoid customer disappointment because waitstaff can inform them before they order what meals are no longer available.

Maximize Staff Efficiency by Managing

An effective restaurant staff is key to delivering the experience that is right for your business, which makes training, managing, and keeping your teams happy key to your success. Oracle Micros Simphony projects your labor needs by using existing and forecasted sales data, helping you more adequately staff to deliver the best restaurant experience to your guests.

Increase Engagement with Gift and Loyalty Functionality

Loyalty programs are the perfect way to thank and reward return customers while encouraging future business and success. Oracle MICROS Simphony can generate reports with valuable data and analytics, so you can measure your program’s success and make the changes as needed. Digital-based loyalty programs are simple to use, create easily redeemable rewards, and help you create offers that are timely and relevant to your customers. 

Control Inventory and Prevent Loss

Inventory waste or theft can impact profitability, yet having sufficient stock to never disappoint a customer is the balance many restaurant owners face. Oracle MICROS Simphony gives you control of your stock, enabling you to monitor availability and usage without needing to check your stores physically. It also allows food and beverage managers to centrally monitor activity on every POS terminal throughout an entire restaurant enterprise, with anomalous transactions or behavior flagged for investigation. 

Grow Your Enterprise Through Innovation

Oracle MICROS Simphony gives food and beverage operators the ability to remain at the forefront of innovation. The cloud enables new features and functionality to be introduced rapidly across the entire enterprise, without lengthy rollout programs. Through partnerships with third-party solutions—such as mobile payments and online ordering—the latest innovations can be quickly introduced, bringing ideas to market much faster.

A Complete Solution for Your Enterprise

Oracle MICROS delivers all-in-one solutions that combine sturdy, smart, and stylish hardware with powerful software that intelligently connects information shared across the restaurant supply chain, staff, customers, and third-party applications. The company’s team of experts manages all the IT needs so operators can focus on the business of running a business.


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